Apathy among top brass of Ghana Police – Former Police Detective alleges

A former Police Detective in the Ghana Police Service (GPS), Samuel Nana Appiah Owusu says there is widespread apathy among the top hierarchy of the Ghana Police Administration.

In an interview, Mr. Appiah stated that issues about promotion within the Police Service are killing the morale of senior officers.

According to him, some senior officers have become obstacles to the promotion of others as a result of administrative lapses in the service.

“We shy away from talking about promotion within the Police Service. It’s a problem we need to deal with. If my retirement date is due and then I’m offered a contract of two years to stay on, what it means is that I have automatically delayed your promotion or I have deprived somebody of a position he is eligible to hold,” the Detective disclosed.

He added: “Psychologically, this breeds a lackadaisical attitude to work. Those affected will only work anyhow. This is seen in the current and past administration. It is an existential threat and is common among the Commissioners and the Deputy Commissioners. So you always hear people murmuring within the service.”

He was quick to add that there is rather a peaceful atmosphere that exists among junior ranks, who frantically do not scramble for positions.

He said he sympathizes with the current Inspector General of Police (IGP), James Oppong Boanuh because he is struggling to bring unity and cohesion within the service.

“He (James Oppong Boanuh) inherited a stressful administration because somebody was there and the person caused a mess and left. And Mr. Oppong Boanuh was appointed to inherit it,” he alleged.










Source: Kasapa FM

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