Ashanti Region: Toddler feared drowned after downpour at Sawaba

A toddler is feared to have drowned near the affordable housing estate at Sawaba, a suburb of Kumasi in Ashanti Region after Wednesday evening’s heavy rains that left a vast part of the area flooded.

The child was said to have been traveling with the mother on a tricycle when the unfortunate incident occurred.

According to the tricycle rider, Ahmed Muhammed, his tricycle got stuck in the flood while carrying five passengers including the child, which made the passengers attempt to continue the journey on foot despite the huge volume of the floodwater.

He said the strong water current then started pulling the tricycle towards a different direction which got the passengers terrified and started screaming.

Ahmed Muhammed added that he then pulled the handbrake, but immediately after he stopped they got down from the tricycle and unfortunately fell into the water.

He said bystanders helped to rescue the woman but unfortunately, the strong current of the flood swept the child away.





















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