Bad parenting leads to teenage pregnancy – Public Health Nurse

Madam Rose Gyasi, a Public Health Nurse at the Jaman North District has said parents inability to teach their children adolescent reproductive health can lead to bad parenting.

According to her, parents’ refusal to guide their children and teach them about their sexual health can invariably harm them in future.

Madam Gyasi indicated that parents are not paying much attention to their adolescent girls nowadays which is why the rate of teenage pregnancies in society keep rising.

She stated that parents should take the mantle upon themselves and educate their children especially the adolescent ones on the consequences of engaging in early sexual misconduct and the outcome of it to deter them from doing so.

“When a teenager reaches his or her adolescent they always look too experimental and always curious to engage in sexual activities that’s where they need to be paid much attention to by their parents for them to know how adolescent means to them” she added.

She urged parents to be proactive and sensitive in bringing up their children for them not to fall victim to sexual misconduct.

“Quality sexual health education (SHE) provides students with the knowledge and skills to help them become healthy and avoid human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and unintended pregnancy.” She added



















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