Brother Sammy attributes high divorce rate to no sex before marriage policy

Gospel musician, Brother Sammy, has said reason why marriages do not last is as a result of couples’ refusal to have sex before their union is blessed.

Gospel musician, Brother Sammy, has said the reason, why marriages do not last, is as a result of couples’ refusal to have sex before their union is blessed.

He noted that getting married to a person whose sexual life or experience is unknown is dangerous and can amount to early divorce.

To him, one should not abstain from sex before marriage since pre-marital sex is one of the best support systems that ensure lasting marriages.

According to him, it is never a sin to engage in sex before marriage as many have been made to believe.

Brother Sammy believes that one of the causes of marriage breakdowns is abstinence from pre-marital sex.

“Therefore, how will you know if you are sexually compatible with your partner if you don’t have sex? He said,

“I am not saying people should have sex indiscriminately. But if you don’t have sex with the person before marriage, your marriage will fail. “Yes, I am a Christian.

And that is why I said that this is a difficult thing to say,” he continued. Brother Sammy disclosed that sexual frustrations are why most people cheat with their exes.

He explained that everyone has peculiar sexual desires which need to be satisfied.

“Men of today have their preferences. Women also know what they want. Every woman has a type of penis she likes. Some like it long, while others will say they want an average type or short. So how do you know if the gentleman you are courting orgasms quickly or not? If you marry him and he suffers from premature ejaculation, you will run back to your ex. The marriage will never know peace.”

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