Bui Power Authority installing 250MW peak solar plant to hybridize 400MW hydropower plant

The Bui Power Authority says it was installing a 250MW peak solar plant in the Bui enclave to hybridize the 400MW hydropower plant.

The first phase of the project, a 50Megawatt peak solar park (the largest so far in Ghana), was completed earlier this year and has been connected to the national grid.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Dr. George Tettey at the 2021 renewable Energy Challenge held at the Adisadel College in the Central Region disclosed they have also installed a one (1) Megawatt Floating solar park on the Bui reservoir which is the first of its kind in the West African sub-region.

Bui Power Authority installing 250MW peak solar plant to hybridize 400MW hydropower plant

Additionally, he indicated they were expanding this to a 5MW peak.

He explained, “we also constructed the first-ever Mini Hydropower Plant in Tsatsadu in the Volta region, which was commissioned last year by H.E The President.”

Bui Power Authority installing 250MW peak solar plant to hybridize 400MW hydropower plant

“The result is what we are experiencing today: Global Warming, rising sea levels, floods, change in rainfall patterns among others, which we call Climate Change,” he stated.

According to him, the deployment of renewable energy to meet the growing energy demand of future generations was crucial and an excellent approach to help mitigate climate change.

He further stressed that even though some modest efforts to deploy renewable energy technologies have been made, they believe the bulk of the ideas to increase the share of renewable energy in the country was hidden in the students’ participation in the renewable energy contest.

The Bui Power Authority expressed how happy they were to partner with the Energy Commission for the 2021 SHS Renewable Energy Challenge which is aimed to help uncover the renewable energy talent hidden in some of you.
“We can promise you that, this years’ challenge will be very exciting with fantastic packages for the top three winners of the competition.”

Headmaster of Adisadel College, Samuel Agudogo, was excited the Authority and the Energy Commission had taken such huge steps to explore renewable energy for the country’s present use and for the use of the unborn generation.

Even more important, he says, is the fact that the students are being made to apply what they have been taught. “This is very refreshing. It is only through the application of what has been learned that we can confidently say that learning has taken place,” he added.

The Bui Power Authority is the state institution that is managing the second largest hydropower plant in Ghana, situated on the Black Volta in the Savanna Region.

Recently, the President through an Act of Parliament gave the Authority an additional mandate to generate power from other renewable and clean energy sources on behalf of the state.

With this new mandate, we are undertaking a number of new renewable energy projects.


































































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