CEO of popular Ghanaian TV station sentenced for physically assaulting wife

The Kwabenya Circuit Court sentenced on September 15, 2021, a media personality and CEO of Hijrah TV, Abdul Razak Toure to physically assaulting his third wife in 2019.


According to the facts of the case, the complainant Mal-Titi Habibah Munkaila is the 3rd of the four wives of the accused.

They have been married for four years and have two children.

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On the 4th day of February 2019, Abdul Razak, the accused went to the complainant’s house to spend days with her as has been scheduled, whilst in the compound, the complainant told the accused that, she was stressed up and that he can go to any of his other wives until she finds a house help.

The complainant was in the kitchen when she spotted the accused heading towards her direction, fuming in anger asking why the complainant should prevent him from sleeping in his own house.

There, the accused started raining insults on the complainant resulting in an exchange of words. In the process, the accused became furious and aggressive, he started hitting the face of the complainant with his fist severally until blood started oozing from her face and nose and asked her to pack out from the house. After the act, the accused left her in her state and drove off.

The complainant went to the Lakeside Police station to lodge a complaint, a medical form and an extract of occurrence were given to her to go to Adenta DOVVSU for assistance which she did.

The Court presided over by Her Honor Hellen Lordina Serwaa Mireku convicted the accused person on his plea after changing from not guilty to guilty.

Therefore Abdul Razak was sentenced to a fine of 100 penalty units(GHC 1200) or in default serve a six months jail term.

Also, the accused is to sign a bond of good behaviour for 3 years or serve 2 years imprisonment in hard labour in default.

The court furthermore ordered the accused person to compensate the complainant with 500 penalty units (GHC 6000) under section 148 of the Criminal Procedure and Other Offences Act, 1960 (Act 30).


























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