Chief challenges group opposing Sammi Awuku’s appointment



The Mampong Akwapim Apesemakahene, Nana Yirenkyi I have challenged a group of persons claiming to be members of the Assemblies of God Church and kicking against the appointment of Sammi Awuku as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Lottery Authority (NLA).


His reaction came at the back of a Press Release issued by the group which described the impending appointment as “very disturbing news and insulting against the doctrine of the Assemblies of God Church, Ghana.”


They believe that it is bad news for the members of Assemblies of God Church across the Country and indeed Sammi Awuku as the CEO of National Lotteries would not serve as a good example for the Youth of the Assemblies of God Church.


The group also said the Church since its inception frowns on lottery or gambling as it is one of the earthly things that destroy the moral fibre of every society especially the youth.


Meanwhile, Mampong Akwapim Apesemakahene, Nana Yirenkyi I has a different view to all these issues raised by the group.


According to him, in as much as Sammi Awuku is a member of the Assemblies of God Church, he owes it a duty to Mother Ghana and the Church to serve the nation in whatever capacity and that NLA cannot be an exception.


Nana Yirenkyi I indicated that checks at the Traditional Council have revealed that members of the said group are not from the Assemblies of God Church.


Speaking to the media Nana Yirenkyi I said, there are a lot of Assemblies of God members who work at NLA, Accra Brewery Limited, Guinness Ghana Limited, Adonko Bitters and many of them are serving positions in these companies.


He also said the Assemblies of God Church has proper structures of making their intentions and issues heard and not use some recalcitrant individuals to issue statements on its behalf.


He, therefore, called on Ghanaians to ignore them because they are not well-recognised members of the Assemblies of God Church.


“We, the Traditional Council don’t know where the President will send our son to but we know wherever he sends him to, he will perform well and lift the name of Mother Ghana high,” he said.


The Mampong Akwapim Apesemakahene has cautioned the so-called church members to come out and prove if the decision is from the church itself.


“They are fake, they are not Assemblies of God members and I believe they don’t understand the Word of God. It is about time they find something better to do with their lives to help Ghana develop,” he said.


























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