Concerned Youth of Aowin wants MCE retained

Concerned Youth in Aowin Municipality in the Western North Region have appealed to President Akufo-Addo to retain Mr. Samuel Adu Gyamfi, as the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area.

Concerned Youth in Aowin Municipality in the Western North Region have appealed to President Akufo-Addo to retain Mr. Samuel Adu Gyamfi, as the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area.

The group maintained that Mr. Adu Gyamfi had unparalleled credibility and deserved to be given another opportunity to serve the people of the Municipal.

According to them, they were motivated by the sterling performance of Mr. Adu Gyamfi during his tenure.

“Mr. President, our contributions towards agenda break the 8 by our beloved New Patriotic Party in government can be materialized only if Mr. Samuel Adu Gyamfi, MCE of Aowin Municipal Assembly is retained.

As Concerned Youth Of Aowin Municipality in the Western North Region, we have witnessed the tremendous achievement of our MCE and believe he can do more if more time is given to serve in your government.

We are saying this because Mr. Samuel Adu Gyamfi embraces the good work of the youth and the party’s grassroots who risked their lives and worked tremendously to the progress of the party in the 2016,2020 general elections. ‘This statement was signed by Mr. Samuel Ayensu, President, Concern Youth Of Aowin copied to The Punch newspaper.”

According to Mr. Ayensu, Mr. Adu Gyamfi is a very energetic and dynamic leader who has reshaped the face of Aowin upon his assumption in office.

Mr. Adu Gyamfi’s reappointment Will harness the skills and potentials of the party’s grassroots to break the 8 years agenda of the NPP come election 2024.

A whole lot of work has been done to improve the Enchi – Dadieso road which was inspected last month.

Again, the construction of Enchi-Elubo road is on course during a working visit to the site.

The MCE has provided support to a lot of youth in learning trade and skills in the area.

The workaholic MCE works through Electoral Area Coordinators and makes sure that he addresses the needs of his people.

Under his watch in the last four years, he inspected various urban and feeder roads, footbridges, and culverts in the Municipality and made sure those that were of bad state were reshaped, others reconstructed.

These roads included Allatakrom-Sawuam, Jensue-Kwesikrom, Jema-Eddykrom, Adomkrom junction- Motoso, Adjeikrom Junction-Limann, Tettey junction-Acquaye-Allah, Kweku-Atta junction-Kourdjour, Dabiasem junction-Owusukrom.

Other footbridges and culverts included a wooden bridge at Enchi Zongo and a footbridge at Enchi Nakaba.

It is the wish of the MCE to see major roads linking the Municipal capital, Enchi to be accessible so that foodstuffs and cocoa can be evacuated or transported to market centers for sales.

Mr. Adu-Gyamfi made sure that roads linking Nyankamum –Kweku Atta- Kuordjor, Kwuwu-Kwawu Nyamebekyere roads, and other culverts and footbridges were reshaped and constructed.

There is an overwhelming desire for the government to holistically address the poor road network in the municipality, two important roads whose poor state greatly affect the socio-economic life of the people in the Municipality are the Enchi-Ellubo and Enchi-Akontonbra Nkwanta roads of which through his effort these roads have seen some kind of improvement.

The two roads link Aowin Municipality to the Jomoro and Suaman Districts respectively.

Other projects that are so dear to the people of Enchi and for that matter, the people of the Municipality which were the construction of concrete drains along the Atua river in the Enchi township have been given a second look.

The construction of concrete drains along the river Atua was therefore among the projects submitted as priority projects under the coastal belt development priority projects of the Aowin Municipality which has been initiated.

One major responsibility of the Municipal Assembly and for that matter, the MCE is to play a supervisory role to ensure that all projects awarded on the contract were well supervised according to contract specification.

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