COVID-19: Bono East Region records 77 new cases within two weeks

The Bono East Region has recorded 77 new COVID-19 cases within the last two weeks.

According to the Bono East Regional Health Director, Dr Frederick Adomako Boateng, the surge in infections in the past two weeks raises the total number of COVID-19 cases recorded in the region since 2020 to 1,533.

“Cumulatively, we’ve had 1,533 cases. 48 per cent of females and the rest are males. If you break this number down, the first week, we got 788 and the second week we had 745 cases. The reason why we are having this interruption is that for the past two weeks, we have gotten a total of 77 cases after a virtual silence,” Dr Boateng explained.

Over 30 out of the 77 cases were recorded in Pru East, while 16 were recorded in Nkronza South.

Ten of the cases were recorded in Kintampo North, while 20 cases were recorded in Techiman.

He indicated that the cases will increase if COVID-19 safety protocols are not observed.

“Our health workers are still having infections, so in all, we have a total number of these cases being health workers. None of our health workers has lost their lives.”

“We are not out of the woods. The virus is also trying to survive. With each wave, we try to manage till it goes down, then another variant comes. We are still not out of the woods, but the good news is that the methods of stopping or preventing transmission are still the same, so you realize that the moment we begin to relax in our measures, then the cases tend to rise.”

Overall, Ghana as of July 19, 2021, has recorded, cumulatively, 100,250 cases of COVID-19 with 819 deaths since March 2020.

The highly transmissible strain of COVID-19 which originated from India, the Delta variant, has also been detected in Ghana and is reported to be currently concentrated in the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions.

There have been calls on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to urgently address the nation on the country’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic as the cases surge.






































Source: citinewsroom

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