DVLA, Police arrest drivers using unregistered and embellished number plates

As part of efforts to ensure that drivers use valid Driving Documents and do not embellish their number plates, a joint task force comprising the Police MTTD and DVLA Compliance and Enforcement Team have embarked on an exercise in parts of Accra to conduct random checks on vehicles.

Some Drivers who were found using embellished and unregistered number plates were arrested.

Speaking to the media after the exercise, Deputy Director of Driver Training, Testing and Licensing at the DVLA, Joseph Obosu entreated Ghanaians to use the right processes in acquiring driving documents.

The exercise was to educate drivers on the need to go through the right processes to acquire a license and other documents. It was also to caution them against patronising the services of middlemen popularly known as ‘Goro boys’.

Drivers were also warned against using the flags of other countries on their number plates instead of the Ghana flag, using italicised lettering on the number plate and the use of colours that are different from what is prescribed by Law.

Deputy Director of Driver, Training, Testing and Licensing at the DVLA, Joseph Obosu, speaking after the exercise said it is an offence to drive a vehicle without number plates at the front and rear. He cautioned the public against patronising embellished number plates saying they are fake.

Mr Obosu entreated the public to go through the right channel to acquire a driver’s license and other documents to avoid wasting huge sums of money on fake documents.

Educating the public on the use of the DV and DP number plates, Mr Obosu said they are given to garage owners and car dealers to assist in transporting vehicles from the ports to homes, garages and mechanic shops.

He said such plates last for only 14 days.



















Source: GBC

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