Ellembelle DCE blames collapsed Aiyinase-Menzezor culvert on downpour

The District Chief Executive DCE) of Ellembelle in the Western Region, Kwasi Bonzo has blamed the sudden collapse of the 67-year-old Aiyinase to Menzezor culvert on a two-day rainfall recorded in the area over the weekend.

He also said the unfortunate collapse of the culvert could be a result of its old state.

Speaking during the inspection of the collapsed culvert, the DCE disclosed that no casualty was recorded when the culvert caved in.

“It is unfortunate, but this is a culvert that was built in 1954, thus about 68 years ago. At the time that it was built, there wasn’t much human settlement here, and now the whole place has become a full community. So the volumes of water from the two-day rainfall couldn’t just contain it. As it is, after 60 years, the lifespan of the project is naturally expired. It has brought some level of inconvenience to residents here, but we are lucky to have an alternative route. However, as a government what we want to do is to find an immediate solution so that this can be repaired immediately”, he said.


According to the DCE, the government through the Highways Authority is currently putting measures in place to have the reconstructed with a reinforced concrete bridge or a steel bridge at the portion that caved in.

While urging the people to be patient, the DCE also specified their immediate plans for the collapsed culvert.

“I have been here with the Western Regional Director of the Ghana Highways Authority, the Regional Maintenance Engineer and Regional Manager of Department of Feeder Roads. From their initial assessment, it is either we do a 40-metre span reinforced concrete bridge or steel bridge. So it is technical, and we are now going to look at the financing, availability of materials, and the duration. I’m very confident that the best solution would be designed within the shortest possible time. I, therefore, plead with residents to bear with us, since it is a natural disaster that nobody saw coming.”


So far no one has sustained a serious injury or died and the only car that was caught in the collapse has been pulled with minor scratches, while residents also have a reliable alternative road.




















Source: citinewsroom

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