Fameye Finally Free From Ogidi Brown

After years of living on a knife-edge and alleged physical assault and curses, rapper Fameye has finally been set free from his management.

Fameye is officially no longer a signee of OGB Music, headed by Ogidi Brown, after series of consultations. In a contract termination letter he made available on social media, it said “we have mutually agreed to part ways going forward but with continuous support for each other.”

Fameye also added that his stay was delightful and beneficial, and he is pleased to walk away having a good relationship with his former boss.

However, barely two years ago, that good relationship was non-existent after allegations that Fameye slapped his boss and refused to refund some funds that were invested into his craft.

This led to a massive online and personal banter, and Ogidi Brown had to employ the services of a deity, Antoa.

































Source: adomonline

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