“GAA’s suspension affected Martha Bissah’s Olympic qualification”- Former President


Mr George Halden Lutterodt, former President of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) says, the Association’s indefinite suspension could be a reason former Youth Olympic gold medalist, Martha Bissah failed to qualify for this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan.

The GAA suspended Bissah, who was 17 years then for making false allegations against the Association and the ban can only be lifted if the athlete substantiates her claims or apologises.

In an interview with the GNA Sports, Mr Lutterodt, who secured a four-year scholarship for Bissah to study in the United States of America (USA) in 2016 said, the GAA’s indefinite suspension could be part of the reasons Ghana’s only Youth Olympic 800m gold Olympic medalist missed out on the Olympic Games.

He said, “The GAA’s suspension was also part of her inability to qualify for the Olympics this year. Psychologically, it can affect your performance when you can’t compete at the International level because of a suspension and this could be why she could not qualify.”

According to him, Prof. Francis Dodoo, who stepped down as the GAA President at a Congress in Accra on July 15 would be remembered in Athletics for placing an indefinite suspension on a minor.

“What legacy is Francis Dodoo leaving when he parted ways with GAA. Athletics is not in good shape under his care. He has done some good things for the game but he would be remembered for banning a minor indefinitely and that is his legacy. It’s a shame,” he said.




























Source: GNA

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