GNCCI inaugurates trade sector leaders at Tarkwa

The President of Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI), Mr. Clement Osei Amoako, has inaugurated and sworn into office 14 trade sector leaders at Tarkwa to help identify and address challenges in the business of their members.

Mr. Samuel Sackey would be in-charge of Transport and Logistics, Madam Florence Mensah; Textiles and Garment, Mr. William Owusu; Hardware and General Merchants, Madam Enerstina Brown; Small Scale Mining, Mr. Francis Buntu; Publication, Information, Communication and Technology, Mr. John Arthur; Mining Support Services and Madam Evelyn Asabea; Pharmaceuticals.

The rest are; Mr. Michael Marfo; Hospitality and Catering, Madam Rebecca Mensah; Event Planning and Decoration, Mr. Eric Fosu, Wood Works;
Mr. Kwarteng Antiedu, Agriculture; Mr. William Turkson; Education and Stationery, Mr. Adams Mohammed; Consultancy Services and Mr. Benjamin Otoo would also handle Supermarket and Petty trading.

Addressing members of the Tarkwa branch of GNCCI at its June general meeting, Mr. Amoako described the trade sector leaders as an important tool through which they would cluster the needs of their members.

He said the national leadership would be contacted to liaise with these sector leaders to address the challenges of members in
Tarkwa-Nsuaem and beyond.

“Once we are putting them together it means we have a common agenda, understanding, and problems of our business and want to move ahead and know their difficulties,” Mr. Amoako said.

He beseeched members to support their leaders to enable them to discharge their duties effectively and efficiently.

The President emphasized that “We have seen the good works of the Tarkwa leadership of the Chamber, hence we have bought a car for them to argue the work that they are doing”.

Dr. Emelia Assiakwa, the Treasurer, advised leaders of the various trade sectors to be sincere and honest in all their duties.

She also implored the members to offer the needed assistance to the leaders to enable them to work diligently to achieve its objectives.

The Western Regional Chairman of GNCCI, Mr. Alexander Bogney Bewong, encouraged business owners in Tarkwa and its environs to join the Chamber as there were many benefits.

“The GNCCI is the only business association that is enacted by an LI and for that matter, we are the official mouthpiece of the business community. I think is a good place that every business should belong “he noted.

Leaders of the various sectors expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to serve their colleagues.
Source: GNA

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