‘I know Dampare will succeed as IGP’ – Ex IGP John Kudalor

A retired Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Kudalor, says he is confident that the newly appointed acting IGP, Dr George Akuffo Dampare will succeed in office.

He said the officer’s work, throughout the time they worked closely together, was impressive, adding that he needs the support of all to excel in his new role.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Wednesday after COP Dampare’s appointment by the President as acting IGP, John Kudalor described the new police chief as a good organizer and a level-headed man who is highly driven to achieve goals he sets his mind on.

“We’ve worked together closely in some quarters in Tema and especially at the HQ, and I will say he is level-headed, cool, very articulate and also someone that when he is convinced,  will carry his dreams through as a very good organizer,” he said.

According to him, Dr Dampare was very instrumental in curbing increasing crime in the Tema region, and also led the nationwide restructuring of the police visibility programme.

John Kudalor told Umaru Sanda Amadu that, Dr Dampare was also involved and contributed significantly to many of the operational activities of the police service at the headquarters in Accra.

“I worked very closely with him, and he has the abilities and capabilities [to occupy the office].”

On what Dr Dampare’s posture and priorities should be after assuming office in the early days, the former IGP said, “he must just take it easy. He has been involved in many policing activities, for example, the reformation of the visibility [programme], he was very cardinal in Tema where we checked armed robbery there and made it a no-go area, and at the headquarters, he was involved in many of our operational activities.”

“I will ask him to continue with his cool, not be overwhelmed and with how he takes decisions very cool and doesn’t rush, but carries it through when he is convinced, I wish he continues with that composure….I know that he will deliver.”

“His immediate task should be [dealing with] police presence in our streets and everywhere because policing is not in the office. It is on the streets. These visibility officers, we don’t see them much these days, and he [Dampare] was very instrumental in the reformation of the visibility [programme]… I think he should take that aspect very seriously,” he added.
























Source: citinewsroom

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