Irresponsibility and recklessness contribute to 94% of road accidents – MTTD Director of Operations

The Director of Operations for the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service, Dr Samuel Sasu Mensah has revealed that road accidents, crashes and prevention can only be preserved by the driver steering the wheels of a vehicle.

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His assertions come after Daily Graphic reported that, an assessment from the MTTD department revealed that, about two thousand one hundred twenty-six (2,126) died in road accidents from January 1, 2021, to September 30th, 2021.

In an interview, Dr Sasu Mensah stressed that, if accidents may occur, blames and mistakes should be apportioned to the person behind the steer, the faults on the car and the road been used by the drivers.

“Road accidents from our assessment reveals that, usually, it occurs by the mistakes of the driver, the faults on the vehicles and lastly the road and so these factors can most times be prevented by the person behind the steer”. He stated.

He asserted that weather conditions are also one of the many factors contributing to the rampant road accidents in the country. He contended that most roads do not have road markings and signs and hence, such roads mostly record a high number of crashes among drivers.

Dr Sasu revealed that most of the vehicles are not maintained and by far, most of them are “disabled” vehicles and must not be allowed on the road.

He ostensibly stated, one of the major issues with road accidents is indiscipline and human behaviour.

According to him, most drivers do not have the competence to drive and therefore, the core assessment was about recklessness and irresponsibility on the part of drivers which contributed to about 90 to 94% on roads in the country.

“From our core assessment, we realized that of the major causes of road accidents are a contributing factor of irresponsibility and reckless driving from persons seated behind the steer. Meanwhile, indiscipline and in most cases, some of the roads do not have road markings” he added.


























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