‘I’ve relocated my family for safety’ – Journalist who recorded military brutality in Wa

The journalist [name withheld], who secretly filmed the viral video of some military men brutalizing some residents of Wa in the Upper West Region, says he has moved his wife and children to an undisclosed location over fears of a possible attack.

In the viral video, military officers were seen assaulting residents allegedly over a missing mobile phone, an action the Ghana Armed Forces has condemned after serious public backlash.

In an interview, the journalist said although there hasn’t been any threat in his life, he has been advised to be cautious.

“Yesterday [Thursday], so many people heard me speaking the Waala language in the video I recorded, so people were pinpointing their fingers at me and so for security reasons, I thought it wise to move my family out of town. I have not received any threats, but the messages I have received made me feel I am not safe. Yesterday [Thursday], I was not able to sleep in the house, and I do not think I will go there again.”


On Thursday, July 1, 2021, a video went viral showing armed soldiers beating some residents of Wa on the street.

Some eyewitnesses said the soldiers claimed they were searching for their stolen mobile phone.

They recounted how the officers, who could not be immediately identified, stopped tricycles and brutalized residents, particularly young men.

The incident added to a tumultuous week for the military after some soldiers opened fire on protesters in Ejura on Tuesday and killed two while injuring six others.

A public inquiry has been instituted into the Ejura incident, with a resolution expected by July 10 after a directive by the President.

The Ghana Armed Forces have met with traditional leaders and the people of Wa in the Upper West Region and apologized for the manhandling of the residents by its officers.

































































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