MPs can’t lead Ghana into attitudinal decay; be prepared to face my wrath if you go wrong – Speaker warns



The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin has warned Members of Parliament (MPs) that they risk incurring his wrath, henceforth, should any of them flout the rules of engagement of the House


Indiscipline, he noted, will no longer be tolerated, stressing that grave consequences await any member who unnecessarily interrupts proceedings of the House or misconducts himself while sitting is ongoing.


Rt. Hon. Bagbin made this observation on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, in a formal Communication to the House.


“Conducting ourselves in an ethical and principled manner should be our creed. We must identify our values as individuals and collectively live by them. We are aware of how events of the dawn of January 7, 2021, have left a sour taste in the mouths of most observers of the parliamentary process’’, he noted.


He said there was the need to be conscious of the fact that misunderstanding of parliamentary processes has at times led to suspicion of impropriety on the part of some Members of Parliament.


Therefore, it will require sustained hard work to erase these misconceptions and indicated that he was talking about a conscious effort at remodelling the profile of the Ghanaian MP, through what members are seen to be doing, the transparency and integrity that govern the activities and the outcomes and impact they achieve, adding ‘’We need to work together on this’’.


Commenting further, the Speaker reminded Members about the Code of Conduct for Members which enjoins them to “rebuild public confidence in the political system in a period when citizens of this country and elsewhere are losing faith in politics and politicians”,


Stressing that “we must restore their trust through our conduct in the performance of our duties as politicians and public office holders”.


“We need to do more in this regard”, he underscored.


He urged all Members to subscribe to their organizational vision of making Ghana’s Parliament a model in Africa, and one of the best Parliament’s in the world.


“This we cannot achieve if we continue with the “business as usual” approach to our work.


The speaker then called for a step in change, explaining that this will come with Members showing a little bit of seriousness, because the parliament is a strong institution with a strong culture, therefore a few changes here and there will be on a path towards achieving the targeted vision.


He emphasised, “we need to give the citizenry enough reasons to keep addressing us as Honourable Members of Parliament. As such, we owe it a duty to our compatriots and ourselves to handle this house with the decency it deserves. We cannot afford to lower the standards of Parliament and lead this country into an attitudinal decay”.









































Story by Nana Yirenkyi/ Parliamentary Correspondent/ Freedom Radio

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