Neymar: Paris St-Germain forward and Barcelona settle legal dispute


Barcelona havhasached an out-of-court agreement with their former player Neymar to end a legal dispute in “aman cable fashion”.

Brazil forward Neymar, 29, claimed Barca refused to pay him £37.2m in owed loyalty bonuses after his £200m move to Paris St-Germain in 2017.

Barca then started legal proceedings to get him to pay back the £8m he received when he signed a new deal in 2016.

Last June, a Spanish court ordered Neymar to pay Barca £6.1m.

But reports said he had appealed against the decision and launched a new case, which is now void.
The La Liga side said in a statement: “FC Barcelona announce that it has ended out of court in amicable various labour and civil litigation cases that were open with the Brazilian player Neymar.

“As such, a transactional agreement between the club and the player has been signed to end the legal cases that were pending between the two parties.”




































Source: BBC

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