Parliament respond to MPs car saga says cars to be bought with loans, not free


The Parliament of Ghana has responded to the ongoing discussion in the media space concerning, the Ministry of Finance’s facilitation of a 28 million dollar loan agreement to procure vehicles for all 275 Members of Parliament.

In a statement issued by the Public Affairs Directorate of the Parliament of Ghana it indicated that the said cars for the MPs’ are to be bought with loans which they will pay for, as has been the culture since the inception of the second Parliament of the Fourth Republican Parliament in 1997.

The statement continued that the arrangement for the members of the 8th parliament is no different from the arrangements for members of the previous Parliaments.

The statement said Parliament is of the view that ,given the negative reactions that greet the procurement of loans to purchase vehicles for Members of Parliament to perform their constitutional and statutory functions every four years ,perhaps the time has arrived for the country to come to a determination on the matter of providing vehicles to enable MPs to perform their duties and responsibilities.

The statement stressed on the need for the state to assume total cost responsibility in the procurement, servicing, fueling, maintenance and replacement of duty post vehicles for the Members of the Legislature as it is done for the Members of other arms of government and other constitutional creatures.

The statement is therefore urging Ghanaians to treat the reports in the media which suggest that the loan resources for the MPs are free as inaccurate and only add to the misconceptions that continue to affect the work of the institution of Parliament.

With the statement indicating that the loan which is part of their conditions of service and which is payable during their tenure.


Below is the full statement:


































Source: Nana Yirenkyi/ Parliamentary Correspondent/

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