Patrick Awuah commends Bawumia for leading Ghana’s digitization drive

The founder of Ashesi University, Patrick Awuah has commended Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for spearheading Ghana's digitization of the economy.

The founder of Ashesi University, Patrick Awuah has commended Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for spearheading Ghana’s digitization of the economy.

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Ashesi University last night hosted a public lecture and fire chat by the Vice President on the government’s digitization drive and the role it is playing in the transformation of the economy.

Speaking at the program, the Founder of the University, lauded the digital transformation of the economy, and described the Vice President as a “champion of the digital economy.”

“It is really very remarkable to see someone at the highest levels of government, really promote digital technology, and I have watched with quite a bit of admiration,” said Mr. Awuah.

“We are really thrilled to have His Excellency the Vice President here with us this evening to talk about digital transformation in Ghana.”

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The Ashesi Founder Awuah paid glowing tribute to Dr. Bawumia for the immense work he has done as Vice President, especially in the area of the digital economy, since being sworn into office in 2017.

“In that capacity (as Vice president) he oversaw the most advanced rollout of the most advanced mobile money interoperability system on the continent, oversaw the world’s largest medical drone system, the paperless system at our ports.”

“He has sworn in again as Vice President earlier this year, and continues to be a tremendous champion for a digital economy.”

Awuah underscored the importance of digitization in transforming the modern economy, buttressing his point with an observation he made in the United States as a senior staff of Microsoft.

“I returned (to Ghana) from a career in the US with Microsoft, and one of the things that really struck me while I was there was, I was in the company for 8 years and within the period, the annual revenues of Microsoft had grown larger than the GDP of Ghana. And there was a really remarkable thing for me as a young person to see it happen. And I felt that digital technology and that transformation in technology had great potential.”

He added that the significance of digitization is the reason Ashesi University has prioritized the area.

“The work that I am doing here with Ashesi University is educating a new generation that’s going to drive that transformation.”

“So we are absolutely thrilled to have you here, especially given your focus in this area.”



































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