Police enforce speed limits and arrest 26 in Accra

The central Motor Transport & Traffic Department (MTTD), of the Ghana Police Service, has embarked on a Speed Enforcement exercise to check over speeding at accident-prone areas and arrested 26 offenders in Accra.

The special exercise which was carried out at Tesano on Wednesday, July 28, 2021, is part of an ongoing exercise by the MTTD, in Partnership with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and Bloomberg Philanthropies to reduce the carnage on our roads and pedestrian knockdowns mostly caused by excessive speeding at major intersections such as Anyaa School junction, Weija STC traffic light, Opeibea intersection, Tesano stretch N4, etc.

It is observed that some motorists do not drive within the 50kph speed limit stipulated by the law in the city, a situation that calls for stringent measures to enforce it.

Similar operations have been carried out at various locations such as Korle-Bu, Anyaa, Kojo Thompson Road, Kawukudi among others, and offenders arraigned before motor courts were fined between GHC 350 to GHC 2,400 on average.

Those arrested at Tesano for flouting the speed limits are processed to appear before the Abeka Motor Court on Thursday, July 29, 2021.




































Source: kasapaonline

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