Poultry consumers urged to keep calm amidst bird flu outbreak


Mr Napoleon Agyemang Oduro, the outgoing Vice President of the Poultry Farmers Association of Ghana has called on poultry consumers in the country to exercise restraint during this period of the bird flu outbreak in certain parts of the country.

He said bird flu all over the world has become one of the poultry diseases that has come to stay and therefore there was no need for consumers to fear and panic

‘’It has not been established that bird flu has been transmitted from animal to man and that is one thing we should be wary of, we should not think that every poultry product is unwholesome’’, he advised.

He made the call in an interview on Freedom Radio’s ‘’ Yen Man’’ show hosted by Kwaku Aboagye Apenteng.

Giving a brief history of the genesis of bird flu into the country he said, Ghana started recording bird flu cases in the year 2007, then it came again in 2015, then 2016, th came in 2018 and the country is recording fresh cases in 2021 in the Greater Accra, Volta and Central regions.

Mr Oduro said dubecausehere is no cure for the flu, if early measures are not taken to curb it, it will spread to other regions, indicating that, when that happens it will be disastrous due to its impact on the economy.

He t, therefore, called for the need to sensitize all poultry farmers to put the necessary measures in place to support in curbing the spread of the flu across the country.

He said during this period farmers are not required to entertain unnecessary visits to the farm, while workers and customers should be made to go through the bar security measures at the farm and encourage foot baths at the farms to help in dealing with people who carry pathogens.

‘’If a farmer comes across a dead fowl or one that is dull, they should take it to the veterinary office for a test to be conducted to ascertain if the bird is suffering from bird flu then the necessary arrangement would be made to destroy all the birds and the feed in the area’’ he said.

Mr Oduro said it was essential for the government to sustain the poultry industry looking at its contribution to the economy of the country because it has created employment and served the economy of this country in diverse ways.

He said the cost of production has increased greatly and therefore affecting the business because last year maize was sold between Gh 50 to 70 cedis, but now a 50 kg maize is sold at gh 150  while soya bean used to sell between Gh 80 to 120 last year however the price is now sold at Gh 240

He said these grains constitute the major ingredient for the feed formulation with maize being about 60-70 per cent and soya bean about 20-25 per cent, therefore ‘’if in one year the prices have gone up then you can imagine the cost of production’’ he added.

Indicating that, it was a good call on the government and the stakeholders to do whatever possible to save the industry from collapsing.




















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