South Africa President’s iPad stolen at public function

He was on a visit to the Port of Cape Town, a logistics base for the country’s import and export business where he was supposed to deliver a speech.

When he was invited to the podium to deliver his address, he repeatedly spoke about waiting for his iPad to asking for it and bemoaning how giving such personal gadgets to others could have unintended consequences.

For two minutes, Ramaphosa stood behind the podium asking and appealing: “I am waiting for my iPad, somebody stole my iPad. Somebody decided that they want to dispossess me of my iPad.

“So I want to ask, can I have my iPad please… so they stole it? I had my iPad … do you know where they took my iPad to?”

The room remained silent as the MC fidgeted around, then the president continued: “This is a problem of always giving your gadgets to other people. It is always best that I should keep all these things with me all the time. I had my iPad. I had it in my hand. It is gone. I have lost it seems.”

The MC later asked that the president takes his seat whiles the search for his iPad continues so that the event can continue. “So I sit down? Ok,” Ramaphosa said before resuming his seat.

On social media, South Africans have been mocking the entire incident relating it to different issues in the last few weeks.

Most people on Twitter compared it to the record-breaking decuplets whose birth was announced to much celebration only for authorities to confirm that there was no record of any such birth in all hospitals in the province the mother claimed to have given birth.






Source: jacarandafm

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