Stop using internet concoctions for teeth whitening – Dentist cautions Ghanaians

A senior dental technician with the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital in the Western region David Domey has advised Ghanaians to stop subscribing to the use of concoctions posted online to get their teeth whitened.

The whitening of teeth has become a craving among a section of Ghanaians.

Many concoctions have surfaced on the internet purporting to provide such benefits.

But Dr. Domey has urged Ghanaians to rather seek professional dental care in order not to expose their teeth to harsher sensitivity.

He told Empire FM “teeth whitening is something that when you do you are bleaching your teeth, it’s like you are beaching your skin. When you use that product, you don’t know where that product is coming from.”

“So, I’ll advise you to visit your dentist because already, food that you are eating contains a lot of acids and that acid may have already given you teeth sensitivity. So, when you bleach your teeth you are going to expose your teeth to sensitivity and maybe it could be permanent and cannot be treated anymore.”

He went on to urge “so, visit a dentist to examine your teeth to see how sensitive it is before doing that procedure.”

“You don’t know the content they are using to prepare that chemical. Either your dentist will use the scaling and polishing method without doing teeth whitening. He will scale the debris of the calculus under your teeth.”
















Source: Empire FM

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