Tokyo records the highest number of coronavirus infections in two months

Less than three weeks before the start of the Olympic Games, Tokyo has recorded the highest number of new coronavirus infections in almost two months.

The city government reported 920 new cases within 24 hours on Wednesday, the most in a day since May 13, when the Olympic host city recorded 1,010 new infections.

The rising infection rates are fuelling concerns among many people who fear that the Games could become a superspreader event. Organizers, however, assured that everything will be “safe.”

Tokyo is currently under a semi-state of emergency, in place until July 11, after stricter rules were lifted on June 20 after about two months.

The government is reportedly considering extending the semi-state of emergency by a month, which would mean that it would also be in force during the Games, which are set to start on July 23.

According to media reports, Japan’s organizers are expected to meet on Thursday with the central government, the Tokyo metropolitan government and the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees, to discuss whether to allow spectators at the Games.




























Source: GNA

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