Upper West Minister assures region of safety over security threats

The Upper West Region Minister Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih has encouraged the people inhabiting along with the border towns of Hamile, Gwollu, and Tumu to remain calm as security measures are put in place to combat any external threat.

The minister’s comment follows a Police intelligence report indicating that some terrorists from Burkina Faso are plotting to launch an attack in some parts of the country.

In an interview with Radford FM a local based radio station in Tumu, the Minister maintained that all border towns in the region are being manned by the security to thwart any infiltration.

He noted, “the security operatives have been on red alert manning the borders and assured that our country is safe, with the presence of the military and other security agencies they will prevent any serious infiltration.”

Dr. Bin Salih admonished residents dotted across the border towns to say something after seeing something especially when they spot a suspicious character.

He added “we need the cooperation
of the communities lying in the fringes of the
border, that if they see any suspicious
the character they should inform the Police or
the Assembly Member to inform the

The Regional Minister also advised residents to avoid congregating at one place without screening to detect and report suspicious persons to the police.

He insisted that the bandits don’t normally attack a single person but rather a large group of people, therefore the residents should be on high alert to avert any penetration.




































Source: Radford FM

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