WAEC has always refused to accept blame for Exams leakage – Africa Education Watch Boss

The Executive Director for Africa Education Watch, Mr Kofi Asare has dropped disturbing facts regarding West African Examination Council (WAEC) negligence.

The Executive Director for Africa Education Watch, Mr Kofi Asare has dropped disturbing facts regarding West African Examination Council (WAEC) negligence.

Speaking in an interview, the Africa Education Watch boss said WAEC needs to up their objectives and ensure monitoring and surveillance throughout its various destinations of keeping exam papers.

According to Mr Asare, series of engagements has been held with WAEC, and from their actions, they have never been in a position to accept and take the blame for the leakages of their examination papers.

“We have always had discussions with the WAEC, in fact, last week we were there and, WAEC has never accepted blame of exam leakages they don’t want to talk about but then they say it’s not leakage but circulation”. He told Kwame Koranteng.

On the need and why the Africa Education Watch has petitioned the Criminal Investigations Department boss, COP Ken Yeboah, Mr Kofi Asare reiterated that it is not needed anymore to banter with WAEC but the need for them to have a vigorous discussion with the Government of the day to supervise the activities of the council to ensure accuracy and smooth progression of their work without any mishaps.

He narrowed his assertions by hitting on the head of WAEC for always been interested in protecting their image.

“We foresee that it is not needed anymore to drag issues with the WAEC, its very imperative on our side to have a dimensional discussion with the Government to oversee the processes and operations of the WAEC to ensure truth and transparency in their work. And one thing is, WAEC has always refused to concede faults for the leakages of exam papers. They are always interested in protecting their image, instead of saying the truth. Till now, they haven’t been able to tell us or accept that, the papers were leaked”. He added.

He further stated that the government is solely responsible for the activities of WAEC and it is now burdened on the government since it recruited the service of WAEC to oversee the examination processes in the country and so it can only turn to the government to seek proper understanding in any manner.

According to him, his outfit is not only directed to malign the image of the WAEC, it’s doing so and fighting for the smooth and transparent examination processes.

We don’t have any issues with WAEC, we are not doing this to undermine the WAEC. Our petition to the CID is not only directed at WAEC, as I speak, the English language paper of NABTEX was also leaked, NABTEX is not WAEC and so we are doing it for the system.” He clarified.

It could be recalled that examination papers consisting of English language, Physics 1&2, Business management 1&2 and Elective Maths were leaked on social media, propelling WAEC to suspend these papers indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the Africa Education Watch is also calling on the WAEC to have decisive action on all these leaked papers to resolve the credibility in WASSCE exams.

The Africa Education Watch has in their petition maintained that it has compounded a compendium of evidence to the CID to effect their investigations but has since refused to make available their petition available to the media, insisting that, it contains a formidable and some vital document that can’t be accessible to the public.

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