WAEC needs no further regulation; let’s help strengthen it – Nortsu Kotoe

The Ranking Member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Education, Peter Nortsu Kotoe, has kicked against calls for the government to break the monopoly of the West African Examination Council, WAEC, in Ghana.

Peter Nortsu Kotoe warned that there will be dire consequences if the exam body’s monopoly is broken.

A report on the 2020 West African Secondary Schools Certificate examination by the educational think tank, Africa Education Watch, recommended that government breaks the monopoly of WAEC following the massive exam leakage that occurred.

The report also called for an additional body to supervise the work of WAEC.

But speaking on the 2020 WASSCE report by Africa Education Watch, Peter Nortsu Kotoe suggested that the exam body should be strengthened to be more efficient.

“WAEC is an international organization established by five West African countries. So it is of that international recognition and has a law behind it. So I don’t think we need any further regulation again.”

“The issue is that, if we demonopolize WAEC, how sure are we that whichever organization that we are going to give the task of conducting the examinations will be honest and credible such that their certificates will be accepted worldwide so that when our children travel elsewhere to further their education, they will not be found wanting. So I disagree with such calls.”

He, however, called for support for WAEC to ensure that exam leakages are dealt with effectively.

“What we should be doing now is that we help WAEC to ensure the right is done, and that the leakages are removed from the system and certain measures are put in place to deter others”.





























Source: citinewsroom

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