You shoot NDC member, we shoot back – Hannah Bissiw

The National Women Organizer for the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) Dr Hannah Bissiw says going forward whatever action the government takes against NDC members will be reciprocated.

According to her, NDC members will now stand up against any government-sponsored intimidation.

Speaking to the media after a handing over ceremony organized by Tertiary Education Institutions Network (TAIN) at the University of Education, Winneba, Ajumako Campus, over the weekend, Dr Hannah Bissiw stated she’s learned never to file a report with the police whenever she’s assaulted because it will be a useless exercise.

The veterinary doctor by profession added that she’s resolved that anytime she’s physically attacked she’ll respond in equal measure.

“I was beaten at Ayawaso West Wuogon, I didn’t file a complaint with police because they did not give birth to me. In any case, it would have been useless. The President set up a commission and they bastardized the very commission that they set up and so if I’d gone to the commission to recount the pain that Akufo-Addo’s hoodlums and criminals put some of us through and reliving that pain it would have been a waste of time. From that time, I’ve learned that when you slap me I’ll slap you back, if you stab me I stab you back. We should stop this hypocritical attitude of saying that if you’re beating us and we’re not beating back then there’s peace in Ghana, it’s fake peace. There can never be peace without justice and when I say if you slap me I will slap back then I’m being violent what about you who is practising the violence? I’m only telling you that we’re going to be diplomatic.

“Whatever the NPP government gives us we in the NDC shall also give back to them. If they give us love we shall also give them love, if they give us caning we shall also give them back caning, if they give us shooting we shall also give them back shooting.”








































Source: kasapaonline

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